Hello and welcome to The Bournville Bookworm, the brand new blog from the Busy Parents Network team and the folk behind Bournville BookFest! People have been saying to us for years that we should start a blog and we’ve finally decided to take the plunge.

So what can you expect from The Bournville Bookworm? Well, we’ll obviously be talking about and reviewing books, both old favourites and new releases – but then you’d expect that, wouldn’t you? However, our blog is going to be much more eclectic. We’re also planning to write about lots of books that have inspired us or our children (or both!) – many of which won’t be so well known. We’ll be giving some of our own tried and tested ideas for encouraging children to develop a love of books from a very early age and then, when they’re ready, tips on how to encourage them to learn to read for themselves. We’ll also share some more “left field” ideas and comment on topical items in the world of literature and publishing.

We will be sharing the working life of our Festival Director and giving you behind the scenes glimpses of what it’s like to run a large children’s book festival and all the work that goes into it.

From time to time, we will invite authors and illustrators to guest blog and share their ideas with you too. Not just already famous authors but also people just starting out on their writing or illustrating journey. We’re particularly keen to give a platform to local talented people.

The Bournville Bookworm blog will be a team-led blog so you can expect a variety of different voices.

Sarah, our Festival Director, is passionate about children’s books, educating outside the classroom and bringing people together through the arts. A voracious reader herself, you can expect that Sarah will give you lots of creative ideas for raising children who love books in particular and the arts in general.

Sala is a former news editor and loves to write. Sala will be sharing articles and interviews with authors, illustrators and artists, as well as writing her own commentary.

Then there’s 18 year old Joe. We thought it would be good to have a young man on our blog team. Home-educated and the eldest of 7 siblings, Joe has Aspergers and loves reading. We think he writes terrific book reviews and we’re looking forward to sharing them with you. Joe will often be reviewing Young Adult fiction.

From time to time, our own kids will also pitch in with their book reviews and comments. We love how straightforward kids are in their appraisal of books and we think it’s helpful as parents to hear first-hand which books they love.

We’re aspiring to make you think and reflect, smile and laugh, as well as keeping you up to date with the latest book releases for children.

Let the journey begin……

Sarah Mullen, Director of Bournville BookFest