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Meet Astrid Lindgren’s Pippi Longstocking

A storytelling performance. Produced by Oxford University Press and Wizard Presents. Supported by the Embassy of Sweden.

Nine-year-old Pippi is strong, brave and fearless. When she comes to live in her new home with her monkey and horse, but with no parents and no rules, she brings mischief, chaos and confusion to the folk of this ordinary and traditional town.

Pippi takes charge of her own crazy adventures, with her two new friends, Tommy and Annika. What else would you expect from the daughter of a swashbuckling pirate captain?

A beautifully-told storytelling performance followed by a treasure hunt!


Meet your favourite authors.
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Interactive storytelling fun at Birmingham's children's book festival for 0-12s.

“We are living on a very tight budget, which doesn’t include treats, but these events are definitely worth it. Thank you for making this possible for us!”

Bournville BookFest

What to expect! This was Bournville BookFest 2019...

Video by Benedict Reeves


For Schools!

BookFest for Schools 2021 was a wonderful celebration of storytelling, with brilliant videos dropping daily during World Book Day Week.

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