Busy Parents Network CIC, Bournville Community Hub, 27 Sycamore Road, Bournville, Birmingham, B30 2AA.

0121 4727989

GENERAL ENQUIRIES: sarah@busyparentsnetwork.com

SCHOOLS PROGRAMME: education@busyparentsnetwork.com

SPONSORSHIP & MEDIA RELATIONS: sala@busyparentsnetwork.com

SCHOOLS PROGRAMME & BOOK SALES: Josie Harrison - education@busyparentsnetwork.com

ACCOUNTS: finance@busyparentsnetwork.com

BOURNVILLE BOOKFEST DIRECTOR Sarah Mullen: sarah@busyparentsnetwork.com

COLLECTING TICKETS: When buying tickets for BookFest, if you opt to collect your tickets at the Box Office - instead of having them sent by post - then please leave a few minutes before the event to make your way to the Ticket Collection desk, which will be at every venue, and collect them from a member of staff there.