Bournville BookFest is a fun, unstuffy book festival for families to meet amazing authors, try something new at our workshops and discover new stories. We have answered some of the more frequently asked questions below to help make your visit as enjoyable as possible.

How do I know if the event is suitable for my child?

We have included an age range for each event in our programme. These are chosen in consultation with the publisher/ author, taking into account the length, content and format of each event. But they are only a recommendation - you know your child best.

Can I leave my child at BookFest?

We ask that all children are accompanied by an adult to events – and we hope that gives you a chance to have fun together. The accompanying adult must be over 16. We are not childcare providers.

Do adults need to buy tickets?

Where tickets are labelled “per person” all those attending that event will need a ticket – it’s exactly as if you were going to the cinema. This means there’s enough seating and materials for everyone.

There are some exceptions to the rule, such as writing workshops, where tickets are clearly labelled “per child” or “per participant”. In those cases, only those taking an active part need a ticket – but adults will still need to accompany them.

Do I need a ticket to take my baby to a children’s event?

Babes in arms who don’t need a seat are admitted free at our discretion. Our staff will find you a seat neat the door to allow a swift exit, should it become necessary. Out of consideration to others, we will ask you to leave if your baby is noisy.

If you’re attending events aimed at young children, you will need tickets. Wriggly and noisy toddlers can disrupt performances designed for older children and won’t be admitted to those performances

Are there any free things for children to do?

Between events over the main weekend you can browse books in our pop-up festival bookshop, visit the cafe, and soak up the atmosphere.

There are no meet-the-author sessions or free Festival Arts this year as we need to keep our audiences safe.

What happens if I’m late for an event?

To ensure events remain enjoyable and relaxing for you and for authors, latecomers won't be admitted to an event once the doors have been closed, nor refunds given. However, we understand people with young children may need to leave an event unexpectedly and we will help you exit as discreetly as possible, and get you back in again.

Can I take my pushchair to an event?

Most of the Woodbrooke buildings are accessible by pushchairs, mobility aids and wheelchairs. The grounds are partially accessible, with several of the woodland paths being bumpy and steep, and better suited to all terrain pushchairs then prams.

For Festival Marquee events, due to fire regulations and the limitations of space, we ask you to please park your buggy or pushchair in the Buggy Park. The Buggy Park is not staffed and items are left at the owner's risk. Please do not leave bags in this area as they may be deemed a security risk and removed.

Do you sell books for children?

We have a fantastic pop-up BookFest BookShop, filled with books we think your children will love. Feel free to browse for as long as you want – and look out for opportunities to get them signed by the author or illustrator, which is all part of the fun. Cash, cards and vouchers are all accepted.

How can my child get their book signed?

We can't hold meet-the-author sessions this year sadly. BUT you can order a book with a handwritten message and autographed by the author when you buy your ticket. You'll be able to collect it from the pop-up Festival Bookshop when you come to your event.

Do you sell any food and drink for children?

Woodbrooke's cafe will be open for business.

Can I bring my own food and drink?

You are welcome to bring your own food and soft drinks and picnic outside. We will have a water refill tap if you want to bring your own water bottles too, by the café.

Are there any baby or other changing facilities?

Baby changing facilities are available in the toilet area.

What is available for children with additional needs?

We want everyone to have a fun and stress-free experience at BookFest – so please contact us in advance if you’d like extra help: 01214727989 or

If anyone in your party has mobility or sensory issues, we can reserve suitable seating, at the front for better viewing, or at the back to allow for an easy exit.

Many of our bigger events are sign language interpreted - look out for the symbol in our programme. But if your child is attending a different event and would appreciate a sign language interpreter then let us know and we’ll see if we can arrange it.

We also have coloured "Fast Pass" lanyards for children with hidden disabilities, who might struggle to wait in long queues.

Is the Festival wheelchair accessible?

Woodbrooke is partially accessible by wheelchair users and there are accessible toilets.

The house and cafe are suitable for wheelchair users. However, some terrain in the grounds is steep and bumpy.

If someone in your party uses an electric wheelchair and wants to attend an event in the Festival Marquee, please contact us when you book tickets so we can reserve seating and make your visit as easy and stress-free as possible. Ask for Sala Davies 0121 4727989.