We had a fantastic response to our How to Write a Female Villain story writing competition, launched at Bournville BookFest, with hundreds of entries.

Crime writer Robin Stevens was our judge, and every winner won a set of her Murder Most Unladylike books.

And the winners are …

In the category 6-8 years: ‘The Devil’s Daughter’ by Isabella Gabriel.

Robin’s verdict: “I loved the energy of this story, and I liked the narrative arc of Holly's turn to evil and then ultimate delivery from it by brave Angella at the end!”

In the category 9-12 years: ‘The Exam’ by Harry Forty.

Robin’s verdict: “I loved the difference between how Harriet appeared to the rest of the world and what was really inside her - she's a wonderful villain! And the twist at the end ... brilliant.”

In the category 13-15 years: ‘Grandma’s Misadventures Over the Phone’ by Iona Mandal.

Robin’s verdict: “I thought this had wonderful humour and a great sense of place - and I loved the idea of a rebellious and savvy grandma!”

The competition was run by Bournville BookFest and Dr Michaela Mahlberg and Dr Anna Cermakova of the Glare project at University of Birmingham.

Thank you and well done to everyone who entered - Robin had high praise for the really fantastic and creative stories entered.

The winning stories are published on the GLARE blog. Enjoy!