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All Through the Night: People who Work Whilst We Sleep

with author Polly Faber

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"It’s getting dark. I’ve had my tea. I brush my teeth and put on my pyjamas.
"My mum is having her breakfast. She brushes her hair and puts on her coat.
"While Dad reads my story, Mum blows a kiss and waves goodbye.
"She’s got an important job to do.
"Lots of important people work at night."

In a big city, a little girl is eating her dinner, brushing her teeth and getting ready for bed. Meanwhile, her mother is putting on her coat and getting ready to go to work. But where will she go, and who will she see along the way?

As the night goes on, follow nurses, cleaners, delivery workers, doctors, police officers, journalists and many more. Meet the people doing the important jobs that help keep the city running all through the night, ready for the next day to come.

Polly Faber brings her captivating picture book alive in this interactive storytelling session for families.

Polly Faber lives in London with her husband, sons, and two black and white cats called Alan and Babs. She worked as a midwife and a sandwich maker before becoming a writer, and has also mashed potatoes for Prince Edward's dinner. Her best impression is of a tortoise eating a strawberry.

Her favourite things include the colour yellow, cheesy puff crisps, the seaside on a cold day, reaching the top of a mountain, patting ponies, dark chocolate brownies, bedtime, bonfires, bluebell woods, crazy golf, fizzy cola bottles, stripy socks, sledging, reading aloud, roses, hot baths, feeding ducks, Scrabble, a good stick, mud pies, free wheeling on a bicycle and pudding.

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