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Noah's Gold Draw-Along

with illustrator Steven Lenton

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Buried treasure! Sharks! Maps! and the faces of children who realise they're stranded on an uninhibited island with no internet or mobile reception...

Learn to draw all the best bits from the brilliant novel "Noah's Gold" with illustrator Steven Lenton.

Written by Frank Cottrell-Boyce (author of "Millions"), it's a story about 11-year old Noah who sneaks along on his big sister's geography field trip - but everything goes wrong! Their teacher (who is over-reliant on satnav) has vanished. They find themselves marooned. They're hungry. Their phones don't work and Noah has broken the internet. There's no way of contacting home . . . Disaster! Until Noah discovers a treasure map and the gang goes in search of gold.

It's a story which reminds us that some of the biggest ideas come from the smallest people - and that life can be richer when you're not always online.

Do note, this is a draw-along event with the illustrator Steven Lenton. Author Frank Cottrell-Boyce can't attend BookFest this year.

Please bring your own pencil and paper to this event, so you can draw the characters along with Steven.

Please bring a pencil and paper!

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