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"Time Slip" - A Storytelling Adventure Game

with storytelller Pyn Stockman

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You are at Bournville BookFest, playing in the woodland, when something catches your eye.

Two children - a boy and a girl - appear, then disappear! You blink and there they are again. They are dressed in the kind of clothes that you have only ever seen in history or storybooks. They have stepped through a portal - a time slip - and they need YOUR help to get back and complete their story.

Quick! Time is running out!

Solve puzzles and follow clues to unlock each chapter, complete the story and save the day.

We're thrilled to be able to offer this brand new interactive adventure challenge designed and led by Pyn Stockman

This is a great event to enjoy together, so please buy a ticket for every participant (even the grown-ups!).

Pyn is a performance storyteller living on a boat in the West Midlands. From folk tales to mythology Pyn spends her time researching, working with and telling stories from the oral tradition to people of all ages. She is particularly interested in stories of wild woods and old magic.

This year she's been developing “Tell It To The Bees” a project and performance about loss and remembering funded by the Arts Council.

Pyn has worked with a range of organisations, artists and communities to co-create stories and projects including: Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, Arts Council, Birmingham Roundhouse, Birmingham Literary Festival, Foundry Woods, Birmingham Hippodrome, Warwick District Council's Green Spaces team and Regional Library Services. She's artistic co-director of Secret City Arts and we are currently co creating Story-Green an audio story and activity walk with children and young people in Ward End.

Picture credit: Graham Braidwood at The REP

Picture credit (Key image): Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash

Meet at the StoryHut. This event takes place outdoors so dress for the weather! Bring a pencil and pen so you can jot your ideas down as you go.

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