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Story Making with Nature

With storyteller Pyn Stockman

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Weave your own tales from nature in this interactive story making session with professional storyteller Pyn Stockman.

Be inspired by Woodbrooke's beautiful organic gardens and the animals who live in the woodland crannies and meadow, and imagine stories from the view of the non-humans we share the world with.

Meet at the StoryHut.

““Phenomenal storytelling! Theatrical, dark, mesmerising.”” Gavin Young, Utter Bearwood
““Wonderful old fashioned storytelling! Magical, colourful, mesmerising”” Audience member at Martineau Gardens Storytelling Festival

This is a wonderful event to enjoy together, so we'd ask adults to buy a ticket alongside their children. This way we can also make sure the event doesn't get too crowded.

Photo of Pyn Stockman credit: Ian Wallman and the Ashmolean Museum.

Photo of girl by Michal Vrba on Unsplash

This event takes place outside so please dress for the weather!

Age Range